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Charter conditions

The charter fee includes the use of the fully equipped yacht in good condition, full insurance for the yacht and crew during the charter period.
The charter fee does not cover costs of fuel, harbor dues out of domicile marina and other necessities.



  • 50% of the charter fee upon approval
  • 50% of the charter fee at least 4 weeks prior to the rental date

The above-described method of payment cannot be changed without our company approval.

The Charterer will pay for all extra requested services not agreed in the contract in the starting marina as transfer from airports to marina, jet-ski, windsurf, kayak etc..

The Charterer must also send the Charteree a list of the names of the crew members with their addresses and passport numbers 4 weeks before the renting date.


If the Charterer, for any reason cannot use the rental of the yacht is free to find another person that will take over his rights and obligations, but with the agreement of our company.

If the Charterer does not find a replacement the our company withholds:

- 30 % of the charter fee for cancellation within 3 months prior to the rental date

- 50 % of the charter fee for cancellation within 2 months prior to the rental date

- 100 % of the charter fee for cancellation within 4 weeks prior to the rental date


The yacht is fully insured in the case of damage by a third party, and fully insured for all the damages resulting from force measured up to the registered amount of the value of the yachts for the risks according to the insurance policy. The yacht crew is insured.

In case of some bigger averages, as well as of those where the other boats are involved, the charterer is obliged to report the case to the authorized harbor-master's office.

All damages and/or losses covered by the insurance must be immediately reported to the Charteree.

If damage occurs during the cruise and Charterer is not to be charged (due to normal exhaustion or in case of overdraft of the guarantee sum) he must receive permission (instruction) from the Charteree or base manager for an adequate repair. Insurance covers all the damages by franchise caused by weather or from the other natural disasters, but not the damages made on purpose.

Charges for purpose made damages are not limited by deposit; Charterer must pay all expenses caused by damage made on purpose. The damages on the sails are not covered by insurance and the Charterer bears the charges for these damages.

The charterer is obliged to check the oil level in the engine daily. The damages on the engine caused by the lack of oil are not covered by insurance. If the charterer does not fulfill his obligations, he can be in full charged for the costs of damage.

Personal property, as well as that of the crew members is not insured in this policy, so it is recommended to take out a separate insurance.


When checking in at the starting marina, a safety deposit has to be paid by the Charterer to the Charteree, the amount is listed for every yacht. Safety deposit can be made in cash, cheques or credit cards. The deposit is refundable in its total amount at the checking out from the yacht; if performed within the contracted date and time, the yacht is in the same condition as it was at the checking in - clean and in proper, good condition, undamaged.

In the case of loss of /or damage on the equipment, particular parts of the yacht or the yacht itself, Charteree shall retain the amount (a part or the whole deposit), which corresponds to the value of repair, acquisition and / or purchasing the equipment or particular part of the yacht.

Even if the yacht charter agreement includes the skipper, the Charterer is required to pay a deposit that does not cover costs related to the skipper's negligence and careless operation of the yacht and equipment.


The yachts are put at Charterer's disposal at the appointed time in the agreed marina. When taking over the yacht, the Charterer is obliged to check and carefully examine the condition of the yacht and its equipment according to the check in list. Only completely equipped yachts, with full fuel and water tanks, and in perfect condition well be handed over to the Charterer.

Any possible objections have to be made before the start of navigation.

Any hidden defects of the yacht or its equipment, not known to the Charteree at the time when handing over the yacht, as well as any defects that eventually occur after the yacht had been handed over to the Charterer, give no right for a request to lower the charter fee. If further sailing is not possible for any reason, or the date of the return of the yacht will be exceeded (For this reason we suggest a good forward planning of the sailing route.) the manager of the base must be called immediately for further instructions.

The Charterer must hand over the yacht at the port indicated in the contract at the agreed time. If the Charterer is delayed returning the yacht or brings it to another place which is not agreed, the Charterer agrees and guarantees to pay for every delay up to three hours the price of a daily charter and for every delay of more than 3 hours the triple price of daily charter fee, plus any additional expenses that arise for the Charteree because of reasons of force majeure, about which the Charterer has to inform the Charteree immediately.

Should the gas tank(s) not be full, the Charteree will deduct the required amount to fill the gas tank(s) from the deposit.

The Charteree reserve the right not to hand over the yacht if in the judgment of their representatives the charterer is not competent for any reason to operate the yacht, or to give the instructions on the charterer's expense.


The Charteree is obligated to hand over the yacht at the agreed place and time and in proper condition, with all valid documents of the yacht needed for rental. In case the Charteree is not able to hand over the reserved yacht, he can prepare another (the same or a better type). If this is not possible, the Charterer will be offered the following:

  • costs for the days of waiting covered by the Charteree
  • after the termination of a 24 hour unsuccessful waiting period the Charterer can cancel the contract for the yacht rental and will be returned the full amount from the signed contract

The Charterer could demand only the amount of the charter fee; any other rights for compensation are excluded.

In case of damage or defect on the yacht or its equipment caused by the normal natural yacht consumption the Charterer is obligated to inform the Charteree immediately. The Charteree is obligated to remove the damage upon notification.
If the Charteree removes the damage within 24 (twenty-four) hours, the Charterer has no right to require any reimbursement.

The Charteree holds the right to cancel the Charterer arraignment at the latest 15 days prior to the rental date if any exceptional conditions, not predictable by the Charteree, appear. Our company is obligated to pay back the full amount of rental fee, as per the signed contract to the Charterer.


The Charterer of the yacht must be warned to handle them with due care and to obey all the regulations. The Charterer must be in possession of skipper competency certificate (as demanded in this area).

If the Charteree or the manager of the base come to conclusion that the skipper (Charterer) does not have the required skills and knowledge he will have the opportunity of using the assistance and help from a professional skipper, or the manager of the base will ask the Charterer not to use the yacht by himself but to do it with a skipper with a surcharge. If the Charterer is not to be the skipper, he will name one before sailing out. That person is co-responsible towards the Charteree. For all consequences in connection with the handing over the role of the skipper to an unauthorized person, the Charterer is responsible.

The Charterer will not give the yacht to others for rent, lend it to others, use it for commercial reasons, professional fishing, will take it out for a sail at night only in safe weather conditions and will obey all the customs and other local regulations.

The Charterer is obligated to handle the yacht carefully, as well as the inventory and equipment.

The Charterer must check the oil in the engine every day. All damage in connection with a lack of oil in the engine are not insured and the Charterer will be the one charged at his expense.

The damage of the underwater part of the yacht that would need a special check for damage will also be charged to the Charterer.

If it comes to an average during the period of rental the Charterer can have it fixed, but must notify the Charteree or the manager of the base about it. In case of serious damage, as well as then there are other vessels involved, the whole accident must be written down (how everything happened, when, why and estimate of damage) for the insurance company. The Charteree must also be notified immediately.

If the Charterer does not follow these instructions, he can be charged in full for all the damage.

Number of persons aboard is to correspond to the crew list. The Charterer assumes the responsibility for the consequences of non-observance to his obligations.


If the Charteree would like to extend the rental period is required to come to the agreed upon final destination and to contact the Charterer in order to obtain written permission for the new time and destination for the return of the yacht.


The Charterer will receive all valid documents needed for rental and is required to take proper care of them during the rental period.


The Charteree is responsible to ensure that the yacht is in good condition on the Check in. Good condition means the yacht is clean and tidy, ready to sail, with full gas and water tanks, clean laundry and fully equipped according to the Check in list.

The Charteree will not be responsible for hidden failures on the yacht that could not been detected by regular service.


If the Charterer needs the services of a skipper or a hostess, the Charterer is required to inform our company about it when confirming the reservation. If the Charterer does not need the services of a skipper, one of the crew members must possess a VHF, as well as a skipper permit.


our company accepts only those complaints that are handed over in writing, on the day of returning the yacht and which are signed by Charteree and Charterer personally.


In case of misunderstanding or dispute, a gentleman s agreement will be tried. If it is impossible to solve the problems in this way, the Charteree's County Court is competent.



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