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Croatia is conected with most of the European cities. Most of those flights are connetcted with capital town Zagreb and other major cities, specialy during the season when lots of international flight companies have regular fights to Croatia.

Croatia Airlines is national flight company, with regular doemestic flights; Zagreb, Rijeka, Osijek, Brac, Dubrovnik, Pula, Split, Zadar and international scheduled flights; Amsterdam, Berlin, Bruxelles, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Prague, Tel Aviv, Rome, Sarajevo, Skopje, Vienna, Lisbon, Zurich and Manchester.

Croatia Airlines web site:
Information phone: 0800 7777, +385 1 481 96 33
Reservation phone: 062 777 777, +385 1 487 27 27


Airport Zagreb distance from Zagreb: 15 km
phone: +385 1 62 65 222
web site:
Airport Pula distance from Pula: 6.5 km
phone: +385 52 530 105
web site:
Airport Rijeka distance from Rijeka: 26 km
phone: +385 51 842 040
web site:
Airport Zadar distance from Zadar: 7 km
phone: +385 23 205 800
web site:
Airport Split Kastela distance from Split: 25 km
phone: +385 21 203 171
web site:
Airport Cilipi distance from Dubrovnik: 21 km
phone: +385 20 77 33 77
web site:
Airport Osijek distance from Osijek: 20 km
phone: +385 31 51 44 00
web site:
Airport Brac distance from Bol: 14 km
phone: +385 21 631 370
web site:





Fastest way to reach your destination is to catch the motorway, because it goes trough all parts of country, and it is not so far from the adriatic coats.
Motorway is very good conected with all roads to other destination, but it is still not finished, so it goes to city Split. Route Split - Dubrovnik is regular fast road.

Petrol stations: working from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. or 8 p.m., every day. During the season until 10 p.m. In larger towns and along major international roads, petrol stations are open 24 hours.

Petrol: Eurosuper 95, Eurosuper 98, Normal Lead-free 91, Super 98, Diesel and Eurodiesel

Tolls: are paid in proportion to the length of the used section and according to the corresponding vehicle group. At toll stations of Croatian motorways d.o.o. (HAC), toll can be paid in cash, by credit cards - AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS, MASTER CARD, MAESTRO, VISA, by cheques and by means of subscription. Toll can also be paid in foreign currencies according to the exchange rate on the day.

Blood/alcohol limit: 0.0 ppm

In case of accident, you are obligated to call police on phone number 92

For more inforamtion about the motorway, tolls rates, vehicle classification, etc. please visit Croatian motorways web site:

Information on road conditions: Croatian Auto Club
Phone: + 385 (1) 66 11 999
24 hour informations: + 385 (1) 987
web site:





International ferry lines are coming from cities Ancona, Pecara and Bari in Italy, with ferry-boats and fast Snav boats.
Costal towns are very good contected with inhabited islands, with plenty of ferry-boats, fast catamarns, and hydrofoils. During the season, number of all ferry lines is increased, due to avoid crowds and delays.

Jadrolinija - Main Croatian shipping company with most of regular international and domestic ferry and shipping lines.


phone: +385 51 21 14 44
fax: +385 51 21 14 85

phone: 385 21 33 83 33
fax: +385 21 33 82 22

phone: +385 23 25 05 55
fax: +385 23 25 03 51

phone: 385 20 41 80 00
fax: +385 20 41 81 11

Jadrolinija web site:


SEM Blue line - The Croatian shiping company which maintains the international ferry lines Ancona - Split - Vis - Stari grad.
SEM Blue line office:
phone: + 385 21 352 553
fax: + 385 21 352 482
web site:


Italian shiping company, maintains regular ferry lines between Italy and Croatia.
SANMAR srl -





Croatian railway network is renewed in 2004. - 2005., and with modern and faster coaches and trains, it conects all Croatian major destinations, expect city Dubrovnik. Entire railway network is conected through direct lines with all neighbour countries (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Yugoslavia) as well as with France, Germany and Switzerland. Durring the season number od direct lines is increasing with many other European countries. Indirect international lines exists with all Croatian railway network.

Discount services worthed in Croatia:
- Inter Rail
- Euro Domino
- Railplus
- City Star
- City Star / Railplus
- Munchen special
Train services worthed in Croatia:
- EuroCity (EC)
- InterCity (IC)
- express (Ex)
- fast (B)
- local and accelerated trains.
More info - Croatian railway web site:  





Croatian bus network is very good organized, with plenty of bus companies and lots of regular schedule lines to all major cities, as well as to all small places.

Most of the European countries have direct bus connections to all major destinations, specially during the season.

Information phone: +385 1 060 31 33 33
Bus terminal Zagreb web site:



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